2016 and the financial calamity coming?

It’s 2016 and the markets are not off to a good start. Stocks are down, gas prices are down (not complaining about that, I love cheap gas), interest rates are going up and they say the economy is improving. Is it? Doesn’t seem like it to me. For some reason, 2016 feels like it’s going to be a bad year for a lot of people. I read a short article on CNN Money stating that the RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) is telling you to sell everything — or at the very least, limit your liabilities in the very volatile markets. Having a stock portfolio that has fallen back to the level it was when I initially invested years ago is definitely not a good feeling.

The current state of the world financial system, job stability, future prospects and a general fatigue of our current situation — I’ve come to a conclusion: it’s time to become financially independent. Easier said than done but I’m motivating myself through various books. The one that’s motivated me the most to get off my ass and make something happen? The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime. It’s a really good read and if you don’t finish it and feel compelled to do something, then check your pulse. It inspires.

There’s a phrase from the book that’s really profound to me. “Impact Millions”. If you create a product or service that impacts millions, you will be successful. That’s a simple enough concept… impact millions. That’s what I plan on doing. Do I know how at this point? No. Do I toss and turn at night thinking of a way to impact millions? Hell yes. Not only do I want to impact millions but I want to create a passive income stream that works for ME, not me working for it.

What is my 2016 New Year’s resolution? Pretty simple. Attain financial independence. It’s January 12th so I have 353 days to meet my goal. Game on!

Author: Chris

Owner of Pleurion Photography