Wow, I’m really ignoring my blog.

I saw my last post was in June last year… not good. Being busy really limits how one maintains their blog unless of course their business IS a blog which mine is not. We’re venturing down the entrepreneurial road the last few years and have started yet another venture. My hopes are one is going to stick here soon, working a day job and doing start-up stuff in the off hours takes up all free time.

I’ve been plugging away with my normal routine although I have really slipped in the photography side. I rarely carry my Canon gear as my iPhone 6+ takes pretty good photos and I always have that on me. The downside is the zoom and they’re still not the quality as if it were taken with quality Canon gear. I’m planning on going to my secret spot in North Carolina to get some summer Milky Way shots. The spot overlooks a large body of water that’s typically smooth. My winter Milky Way shots show the glow reflecting in the water. I’ve yet to try capturing the summer Milky Way there but I think it’s going to be pretty awesome. We’ve been going out on the boat the last couple of weekends since the weather was nice but this weekend is calling for rain, so that kills both boating and capturing the sky.

Some time in next couple of months we’re planning on hitting all the local vineyards/wineries for some tours and tasting. That’s all for now!

Author: Chris

Owner of Pleurion Photography