Case Review – Belkin Grip Vue for iPad

When I bought my iPad, I was looking for a good case that protected it and yet didn’t add a lot of bulk. The Apple branded case is alright, but it’s not what I wanted. Quite a few companies have iPad cases out now, but the Apple Store employee helping me recommended one particular case. The Belkin Grip Vue.

He was nice enough to take it out of the package for me so I could check out the cases design and feel. They make numerous colors however I picked up the clear version as it helps keep the original look of the iPad intact. The material feels more plastic-like than rubber or silicon, but is flexible. Yep, this case will work.

Here’s what the case looks like on the iPad:

Belkin Grip Vue - Front Belkin Grip Vue - Back

The “installation” of the case isn’t exactly easy as the case is somewhat stiff so getting the corners of the iPad to go in was a chore. The best method for installing it is to insert the top of the iPad in first and get the corners in, then the sides and finally the bottom corners. The bottom corners are really hard as you have almost no wiggle room. Once the case is on the iPad, it feels GREAT. It almost gives you a sense that there’s no case on it at all. The grip on it is what sold me. I liken the grip to being Spider-man clinging to a building. It’s really tacky. The material the case is made out of doesn’t scratch either, after a couple weeks of average use, the case looks as good as the day I bought it.

The front side of the case covers the edges and overlaps the bezel just enough for protection. It’s also very tight so I don’t think debris will get under the edges (too easily that is). The case material is thick enough to add protection to the iPad without creating excess weight or dimensions to device.

Another nice thing about the Grip Vue is that the iPad will fit into an Incase Neoprene Sleeve Plus for added protection when traveling.

Bottom line: the case is pricey at $50 however it offers great protection with minimal impact to the iPads size.

Cost: 3
Design: 5
Installation: 3
Protection: 4

Overall: 3.75/5

You can buy this case at the Apple store here.

Author: Chris

Owner of Pleurion Photography