Great Radio Shows

I wanted to compile a list (however short it is) about some great radio shows that I listen to weekly. They all exist on NPR and cover a wide range of topics.

First, we have Car Talk. The Tappet brothers talk about anything and everything and even touch on car problems. 🙂 Their website can be found here. The show runs on Saturday mornings at 10am EST on NPR.

Next, Splendid Table. This show talks about “people who love to eat”. They cover a huge area in the food industry including wine. The website can be found here. This show runs on Sunday mornings on NPR.

Thomas Jefferson Hour. This show as the title would suggest, deals with the life and political outlook of Thomas Jefferson. Mr. Jefferson is portrayed by Clay Jenkinson who is a humanities scholar and obviously a fan of Thomas Jefferson. It’s quite entertaining to listen to and you might even learn something. The show’s site can be found here.

Be sure to give these shows a listen if you haven’t in the past, they’re educational, fun and all offer free podcasts of their show on iTunes.

Author: Chris

Owner of Pleurion Photography