2nd Amendment Under Fire Again

I don’t discuss my interest in firearms and 2nd Amendment rights on my blog typically, however after the recent shootings in Arizona, I felt the need to post. For one thing, I can’t stand the media… they’re the scum of the earth and will run any news story in order to pad their “ratings”. They post things like “Lotto winners come forward!” as “Breaking News!”. They’re bottom feeders of the lowest kind.

I was checking CNN this afternoon (why? I have no idea) and noticed a story on the front page that was the center of attention. The title? “How to cut gun death toll“.

The story basically goes like this: “The Arizona shootings could have been minimized if we had smaller capacity firearm magazines”. My first issue is that the 2 “experts” are economists… How the hell does an economist know what’s best for firearm regulation and safety? It’s the same old story you hear over and over. Gun rights are too liberal in this country and is why it’s so easy for people to acquire firearms and commit crimes such as shooting someone. You could tighten firearm regulation so much that you couldn’t legally buy a pea shooter, but you know what? The idiots that make the rest of the law abiding gun owners look bad will still be able to get guns, magazines and ammo. What do they care? They’re going to break the law anyways so why stop at getting an illegal gun?

While much of the country is circling the drain as far as deficits, illegals demanding rights, border protection, etc. these people are focusing on guns and our right to bear arms. I’m no expert in what’s best for the rest of the country, but I think common sense is all that’s needed in this case. This country has well over 300,000,000 people in it so things like this shooting are going to happen. There’s a lot of nuts out there and you simply can’t stop violence.

One of the reasons I own firearms is to protect myself, family and property. If anti-gun idiots had their way, law abiding citizens couldn’t own guns which would mean the only ones carrying them (besides law enforcement) would be the criminals. No thanks, I want to be able to defend myself from these same gun-toting criminals should the need arise.

My bottom line point is this: 2nd Amendment rights are our forefather-given rights. I enjoy my firearms and legally own them. I will continue to own them as well. Thank God we have the NRA to fight these issues because if they didn’t exist, who knows how many of our rights would have been stripped by now.

Please support the NRA, they’re helping to keep our freedoms that many folks want to take away.

Author: Chris

Owner of Pleurion Photography