July Updates

As I sit here and look at the date of my last post, I realize that I need to post more. I suppose it’s because I don’t have a lot to say however there’s definitely a lot happening. One funny thing to note is the fact I was using Adbrite for attempting to generate revenue. I logged in one day to see I didn’t have any ads so I went to my Adbrite control panel to see what was going on and the page was 404… “Ok” I thought to myself so I tried going to the homepage and also 404. Come to find out the idiots went out of business and didn’t inform anyone. Not to mention I had a tiny amount of money in the account which is also now gone. Live and learn.

On our anniversary, my wife and I went to Martin Vineyards in Knotts Island, NC to pick peaches. It’s a neat place as they have a small winery and orchards with fruit such as Concord grapes, peaches, apples, blackberries, etc. You can go to pick different things depending on the time of year. I also did a wine tasting there and bought a bottle of their Merlot and Pomegranate wine. The pomegranate was really sweet, almost syrup but it tastes good. We’re going back in a couple weeks to get some Concord grapes. You basically pay them, they give you a bag and you go to the orchard/vineyard and fill the bag.

On the photography side of the house, I haven’t done squat lately. I keep up with new hardware coming out but I haven’t taken any photos with my Canon in months. That’s going to change come fall as I’m in the mood to hit up Williamsburg again. Canon recently announced the 70D and based on the specs, I want to pick one of those up. I realized one thing when it comes to camera bodies; I don’t need the best or fastest as the type of photography I enjoy can be done with lesser DSLR bodies. Lesser not in that they’re incapable of doing what I want, they’re just cheaper and have less features (that I don’t really need). That being said, I’ve been yearning for something like a 5D Mark III but I just don’t need it. A Canon 70D will do everything I could possibly ever want to do for a lot less money.

Author: Chris

Owner of Pleurion Photography